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Opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it.

Our Companies

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Our main goal has always been the prosperity of the society, as well as the economic development through innovative ideas and pioneering business moves.

With a steady upward course we were able to enrich the portfolio of our companies, while building relations of cooperation and trust.

In difficult times, we have proven that a company with clear vision and strong will, can not only be profitable but also, offer hundreds of new job positions.

At present Fidirikos Group corporation, pushes the start button to the further development of its activity and growth while having as an ally the flourishing of the global and the domestic economy. 


BSK Marine

BSK marine is a company that has been active for a few years in the field of vessel constructing but its rapid progress has managed to create a remarkable history as it constructs skipper boats that are considered of high quality and seaworthiness.



Inspired by the plot’s unique landscape and location right by the beach, the villa offers panoramic views to the Aegean Sea. Its proximity to the sea was the main focus of the composition, as the aim was to create a combination of both indoor and outdoor spaces blended harmoniously to the environment.




Passaggio is a special all-day space, created in 2011 to offer the ultimate experience to those who want to enjoy their favourite drink, snack or food in a wonderful environment that combines relaxation with vividness, something old with something new in a unique manner, offering products of high quality in affordable prices. It was appreciated by the people from the first moment it launched and after five years of its successful course it is still today one of the most popular "meeting points" in Kallithea, Glyfada , the coastal area in general as well as in Pagrati, Daphne, Thessaloniki and Santorini, considering that it is widely known as a dynamic upcoming Greek company!



Zafido is fully committed to create the perfect and the most cost-effective properties for their customers, offering them the opportunity to feel the construction quality that real European developers can provide in Athens.


a passionate cryptocurrency mining team that owns and operates a crypto mining farm in Almaty Region, in Kazakhstan.

Momentum Group

Momentum Group’s main goal is the absolute satisfaction of everyone who visits their venues, offering a unique hospitality experience. In a familiar environment for everyone, they prioritize providing excellent services, unique culinary creations and absolute fun. Check the video


Travelbizz.gr meets the highly personalized travel needs of companies and their people through a combination of technology and individualized services. Their commitment to provide value-for-money travel solutions is evident in their investment in the selection of their staff and the use of state of the art technology. They are totally committed to satisfy the changing needs of the traveler as they are indeed, providing them with top quality services, as well as with high values and reliability beyond their expectations. 

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